Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Hate You, You Know!

July 28/09

Yes, yes, I know. It's been a while. Well, I've been supporting a family member going through a rough time so get off my back!

In any case, I was going to tell you what happened next.

If you remember, my husband joined a medieval recreation club to participate in their combat fighting recreation a few months back. It was my idea. For exercise. Little did either of us know that getting together with a bunch of guys every week to bash each other with sticks was only a small part of this group. Silly me, what did I think him being a member of a medieval recreation group would mean anyway?

Stephane came home from a few fight practices and said I should come sometime, just to see him fighting. What fun! He tried to convince me more by telling me that some of the wives would show up on fight nights as well. What? To sit around and watch their husbands bash each other all night? Yeah, that sounds like a great night out. Then he told me that the women were not necessarily there to watch their husbands. He told me that they were part of the medieval group as well. They usually sat around and chatted while sewing, talking about new outfits, some hand sewing, embroidery, etc. I looked at him and said, "You want me to join in on conversation about sewing clothes? And hand sewing? Ewww. That sounds horribly boring. Not for me, thanks!" What was he thinking?

So as the months passed, it was revealed that this group was not merely a medieval recreation fighting group, but an entire organization dedicated to recreating pretty much anything from the years of 600-1600. And eventually we figured out that they held events every month or so which included not only fighting but feasting and dancing and other demonstrations. Stephane was instructed to attend such an event in the fall of 2008. I thought it would be an afternoon out and he would be home early that evening for dinner. Nope. He was gone all day and did not return until late evening! And he told me all about the pomp and circumstance. And the fighting. And the feasting. And the dancing...that he was dancing with other women! All while dressed in medieval "garb". The nerve! I have to admit I was slightly jealous. Hmph!

After another event for "Twelfth Night" in early January 2009 I was becoming rather jealous of this new hobby of my husband's. And he really wanted myself and our then 14 year old daughter to come out to an event to watch him fight.

Well, you know what that meant? It meant that we would need "garb". Stephane said he might be able to get us "loaner" garb from some of the other members but I said no, I would make the outfits myself.

Now I know what you're thinking...

Yes, I know, I hate making clothes, but it irked me that I knew I COULD do it. And besides, one of the other people in the group had already gone and made some garb for Stephane to attend that Twelfth Night event as a favour, so I was being "shown up" as a sewer! I could not have that.

So, my daughter and I went to the fabric store, checked out the patterns and after some searching we had patterns and fabric. I chose to make a dress that I could wear outside of the medieval group because I didn't want to waste my time and effort on something I could only wear once. Emily chose a very traditional looking medieval gown. Soon after that, the outfits were done and we were ready for the spring event we had chosen to attend.

And so we went to the spring SCA medieval event. Fully intending on hating it, being bored to death, but wanting to be there for my husband, to show that I supported his passtime.

The three of us dressed in our SCA "garb":

But that never happened.

Instead, I had a blast!

The dancing is what did it. There was someone teaching the dance steps so it wasn't like we had to know what we were doing. Emily and I were sitting at a table watching and the instructor looked at us and said, "Do you want to join in?" We looked at each other and jumped up! It was great!

On top of that, seeing everyone in all their medieval garb, pretty dresses and all, kind of got me inspired. And the feasting. Sitting at large tables all together, many people eating off of beautiful period tableware. It didn't matter that I didn't know anyone. We were included. I had people coming and introducing themselves to myself and my daughter, welcoming us to our first event. I even had one or two "lords" compliment me on my attire...and they politely called me "m'lady"...one pretending to kiss my hand! Nope, you can't go wrong with chivalry!

So, yes, this naysayer was hooked! I got into the car that evening to return home, looked at my husband and said, "I hate you, you know! I wasn't supposed to ENJOY it! Now I have to join!"

And join I did.

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