Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Fight Gear

So as if spending hours and hours making a nice Roman banner for Spurius wasn't enough I decided he also needed some new SCA fight gear. Actually, he really does need a new fighting tunic since his old one is literally disintigrating off his body. But did I simply make him a new tunic? NO! I had to make an entire new ensemble! And not only did I make him one ensemble, I made him two. It looked good on paper, but next year, please PLEASE remind me NOT to be so damn ambitious with making Christmas presents! And for ONE man!

Okay, so this is what I decided to make: With a set of fight gear ensemble consisting of a tunic, a cap and a cape I decided to make one set with Spurius' heraldry and one set with our house heraldry...that being "Golden Oak Inn". They would both be made of 100% linen for coolness...though the linen I chose was a little heavier than the regular linen I buy for regular clothes. I would have liked to spend a little less and even find some cotton but nothing in the fabric store was in the weight I wanted and if it was it contained polyester...not great to keep you cool while fighting! So I bought the linen online.

The tunics, I decided, would be plain, since they are covered with armour anyway, so any heraldry would not be seen: Here is the cap and cape using Spurius' heraldry. I did not go into quite the detail I had on his banner because A) This is being used for fighting and will therefore get wrecked anyway and B) Being two weeks before Christmas I am running out of time! Also with the excuse of dwindling time, there is no hand finishing of any of the pieces. The hems are all machine sewn.
I did add some detail on the ass but only with the yellow black...and no main.

A closeup of the daggars on the cap reveal less detail but enough to get the thought across:

Here is the heradlry I had to work with for the "Golden Oak Inn".

And these are the results of the GOI heraldry on the cap and cape:

On the cap I decided to simply applique one of the leaves and an acorn in gold.

Here is the result on the cape. I actually REALLY like it.

All in all I think the results are great and I think Spurius is going to have a happy Christmas morning opening all his goodies. He has no idea how much thread has gone into all these pieces. Including the Roman banner I believe I must have gone through a good 8 spools of thread in varying sizes, and I kept running out. The funniest part is, I actually had Spurius run out to the fabric store for me yesterday to pick up one last spool of yellow thread for me. I had to give him the end of the spool so he could show it to the sales person so he could be directed to the correct thread. I guess he wasn't the first man to be given this job!
So, hopefully later on after Christmas I will post some photos of the gifts being used in real life. But for now, I'm tired of sewing! No more until after the holidays thank you very much!


  1. I think I'd be willing to be hit on the head again in if I were able to wear those!! Simply WOW!!

  2. Absolultely wonderful...I really like how the household one looks!

  3. I love the artsy stuff.

    Just one nitpick: "main" is well, it's an adjective, as in the "main thing" aka the key thing.

    The stuff behind the horse's neck is a "mane".

  4. Just noticed your comment here "hlwoods"! Thank you for the correction. :)