Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dropping Back Onto the Face of the Earth

Okay, so I guess I've been away for a while! Over a year. Truth is I got busy with sewing outfits for SCA events that I kind of let the blog slide....a lot! I set up a photo sharing site that I thought I would use but I don't. I really would much rather blather on about sewing than post reems of photos. Though photos do help!

So, I'm going to catch you up a little with the projects I've worked on. I'm not going on and on about them. Just posting the pics and saying what they are. THEN I hope that I will NOW use this blog the way I document the actual progress of my projects!!! So, without further adieu...
Here is a photo of a brown wool kirtle I made myself using a Reconstructing History pattern for a 14th Century woman:
I decided to make a sideless surcoat to go with it:
Then it was my husband's turn. He has a Roman persona in the SCA so I decided to make him a tunica and toga for Christmas last year. It's made from cotton instead of wool, mainly because wool would have been too expensive for me, but I think he likes it...despite the rather serious look on his face!
I then tried out a chemise. It's functional and feels comfortable enough under my clothes but I'm not that crazy about it. It falls off my shoulders by itself which drives me nuts...think I'll have to tweak it another time. It's made of linen.
Here is the Codex Manesse image that first inspired me to adopt a 14th Century persona in the SCA. I absolutely LOVE this woman's outfit!
And here is my version of the Codex Manesse outfit that I love so much. It is actually 100% hand sewn. Made of 100% linen and silk for trim. It is my most cherished project to date as it took me about a year to research and complete. It's part of a "First Time Hand Sewing Challenge". You can read all about the project on an accompanying blog that was created for all participants:
Here is a cloak I recently made from some 100% wool I had originally bought for the previously mentioned project but didn't have enough. I'm going to be nice and toasty this winter and I won't have to borrow someone else's cloak or use a blanket!
And my most recent project: A Bathhouse Babe Shift. After quite a few adjustments it fits nice and closely and I think it actually very comfortable. Can't wait to try it out!

And there you have it! My projects to date. From now on I'm hoping I will document my projects for you rather than slapping a whole whack of photos on a blog update to catch you up next time!