Sunday, July 8, 2012

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

My dear readers, I have just realized that it has been quite some time since I have written anything here!  I do apologize for my absence...and there is really no excuse other than laziness and a busy life.  But during these months I have not been idle in the sewing fact I've made quite a few things!  So instead of going in depth into just one project I will give you a synopsis of everything I've worked on lately...

From the sublime to the ridiculous...

First up, as a result of placing second in the Tir Mara A&S Championships and becoming the new Prince's A&S Champion I took it upon myself to make some regalia for both the Tir Mara Prince's A&S Champion as well as the Princess's A&S Champion:

The Prince's Champion (second place) cloak was designed using the Tir Mara device with a an Arts and Sciences candle in the middle of the star surrounded by a laurel.

The Prince's Champion (first place) cloak was designed using the Tir Mara device with a an Arts and Sciences candle in the middle of the star surrounded by blue roses.

Both cloaks were (gasp!) machine sewn and appliqued, though the candles were hand embroidered.  I used satin for the material as there was nothing natural that I could find that was as striking or affordable!  What you don't see in the photos as well are the beautiful brooches made by Lady Sileas ni Dhomhnaill and the cording made by Lady Nerina of Sparta.

Here is a photo of the cloaks being worn after being presented to the Royals at the spring East Kingdom Crown Tournament: (Photo taken by Cindi Hachi)

Next up:

My next finished project is a completely hand sewn gown that I patterned completely by myself, using a duct tape pattern to make the bodice as fitting as possible.  I am extremely happy with the results, as this gown is the best fitting gown I have made for myself yet.  My inspiration for the gown came from two different sources, one being an effigy of Katherine de Beauchamp (who died 1369) and an image of a a gown that seems to be made from a plaid like patterned material (unfortunately I am not sure of the source here):

Here you can see the image of Katherine de Beauchamp...I wanted to show that gowns laced up the front were indeed just as proper as those buttoned up the front:

Here you can see the image of a woman wearing plaid on the far right...she is obviously wearing an overdress in a solid colour as well:

My gown is made in 100% lightweight wool, with lacing up the front and buttons on the sleeves (my first foray into buttons and buttonholes!).  I am very happy with the final look: (Photo taken by Wanda Sutherland-Jewers)

And onto the next project...

I have struggled with what to put on my head for that medieval look without getting a headache and without having to fuss.  And I have finally found a good piece!  I found the design for this veil in The Medeival Tailor's Assistant:  Making Common Garments 1200-1500 by Sarah Thursfield.  The veil is basically a large rectangle shape.  To  wear it you take one of the shorter sides and tie it on like a kerchief, tying it at the bottom of your head in the back.  Then you take the other short side and fold it up over your head and pin it so you then have a kerchief and veil in one.  I wore this style at a camping event and it stood up well to wind and was very comfortable...having it tied over my ears also kept the bugs away!  As well, the veil can be worn wrapped around the neck for a different look.  My veil was made with very lightweight gauzy 100% linen and hand finished with a rolled hem.  Here are veiws of the veil worn in both ways:  (Photo 1 taken by Julie Gray, Photo 2 taken by Wendy Regular)



I am very happy to say that I finally finally was able to make a heraldic banner using my mermaid device that was passed a few months ago.  It is completely hand sewn with the scales of the mermaid being cut with pinking shears for that "scaley" look and the features of the body as well as the trident being hand embroidered.  I was so very happy to have her displayed at our recent Baronial War Camp:

And now for the ridiculous:

Last but certainly not least, I decided to have a bit of fun.  Next weekend we are attending the Great Northeastern War 2012 and during that weekend we will be attending a campfire party called "Baconpalooza" which is, if you haven't guess, a celebration of all things bacon!  I decided I'd like to dress for the occasion so I made a special circlet.  This circlet is completely hand made, out of felt and wire in the shape of strips of bacon!  I can't wait to wear it next weekend!  Here is a rather silly photo of myself modelling said circlet:

So you see, Lords and Ladies, I have not been idle in my activities these past few months, just idle in my blog posting.

Hopefully next time won't be quite so long from now!